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The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) is the world governing body for DanceSport. It was founded 1957 under the name International Council of Amateur Dancers in Wiesbaden, Germany, and is now a non-governmental international organisation constituted under Swiss law. It has its siège social in Lausanne, Switzerland, and its offices in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain.

The mission of WDSF is to regulate, administer and develop DanceSport. For the benefit of millions of athletes at every level and on all continents!

Statutory Objects 

As per its Statutes, WDSF pursues the following objectives.

 •To advance, promote, and protect the character, status and interests of DanceSport worldwide.

 •To develop standardised rules governing international competitions.

•To author and enforce Codes of Conduct and Standards of Ethics for both athletes and officials.

 •To advise and assist the WDSF National Member Bodies and the Associate Members in the administration of DanceSport in their countries and organisations.

 •To represent DanceSport in the Olympic Movement.