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A joint meeting of the Canada DanceSport (CDS) and Canadian DanceSport Federation (CDF) was held in Halifax on Friday, March 29, 2013. One of the topics of discussion was the CDF Amateur Registry.

In or about October, 2012 CDF proposed a CDF Amateur Registry for some WDC Championship dancers. CDS agreed to accept CDF Amateur Registration on a provisional six month trial basis in competitions sanctioned by CDS and CDS Regional Associations with the understanding that each CDS Regional Association had the right to opt out of this agreement.

During this trial period, some CDS Regional Associations encountered many problems with the CDF Amateur Registration at sanctioned competitions in their Region. As such, it became clear it was in the best interest of CDS that this arrangement be discontinued. Therefore a motion was passed at the 2013 CDS AGM on March 28th, 2013 in Halifax to amend Rule 7.03 for purpose of clarifying its position on the matter of amateur registration. CDS Rule 7.03 now reads: "All competitors entering a competition sanctioned by CDS or its Regional member bodies must be members in good standing of a Regional Association with CANADA DANCESPORT or with another DanceSport organization recognized by WDSF. Production of proof of membership may be required at the commencement of the competition". CDS and its Regional member bodies will no longer recognize CDF Amateur Registration at competitions sanctioned by CDS or its Regional member bodies.

CDS has promoted DanceSport and its athletes in Canada for almost 60 years. We invite all competitors to be part of this great history and become members of one of our Regional Associations. More information is available on our website at www.dancesport.ca.
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