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Congratulations Patrick Rucinski & Ella Nusenbaum, the new 2013 Under 21 World Ten Dance Champions in Israel on December 8th, 2014.

Here is how the couple describe their feelings on the announcement:
“To describe how we felt in that moment... When we found out we were champions it was simply overwhelming. After dancing our hearts out the whole day, with zero expectations, and hearing our names called out as World Champions was a feeling we will never forget! Happiness is an understatement! To have a lifelong dream come true is really a life-changing experience! Tears came to our eyes as we stood on the podium and for the first time in our lives heard the Canadian national anthem playing. We are so happy that we made our country, our parents, our coaches, ODS and CDS, and all our family, friends, and supporters proud!”

Congratulations to the following Canada DanceSport Finalist athletes for their success at the 2013 WDSF Worlds Championships, World Cups, or WDSF DanceSport Games

08.12.2013 WDSF WORLD UNDER 21 TEN DANCE Israel, Ashdod

1st out 32 couples Patrick Rucinski & Ella Nusenbaum, ON- New World Champions!

03.02.2013 WDSF WORLD UNDER 21 STANDARD Belgium, Antwerp

2nd out 57 couples Patrick Rucinski & Ella Nusenbaum ON- Silver Medalists !

16.11.2013 WDSF WORLD TEN DANCE Austria, Vienna

3rd out of 38 couples Anton Belyayev  & Antoaneta Popova, ON- Bronze Medalists !

14.12.2013 WDSF WORLD YOUTH TEN DANCE Latvia, Riga

3rd out of 34 couples Winson Tam & Anastasia Novikova, ON- Bronze Medalists !

15-21.09.2013 WDSF World Dancesport Games Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei

Standard Show Dance

3rd out of 14 couples Anton Belyayev & Antoaneta Popova, ON- Bronze Medalists !

13.07.2013 WDSF WORLD YOUTH LATIN China, Chengdu

4th out of 63 couples Winson Tam & Anastasia Novikova, ON

02.11.2013 WDSF WORLD UNDER 21 LATIN Spain, Cambrils

5th out of 97 couples Winson Tam & Anastasia Novikova, ON

19.10.2013 WDSF World CUP TEN DANCE  Russia, Moscow

6th out of 18 couples Alon Gilin & Anastasia Trutneva, ON